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A retired chemical engineer who likes to play with computers.

Apple versus Microsoft–a Little History

In 1981, when Microsoft provided the operating system for the original IBM Personal Computer (PC), it retained the right to sell that operating system to other computer manufacturers. Thus was born the PC clone market. Many manufacturers entered the market … Continue reading

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Who to Read?

It’s hard to get thoughtful, unbiased coverage of what’s going on in our federal government these days. The “mainstream media” is generally liberal and reports everything that Trump does with a negative spin. Most of the time, that spin is … Continue reading

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This tells you all you need to know about Trump’s lack of respect for the law. Trump has not paid a $900 judgment against his company that was entered in 1994.

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Back to Blogging

As you see by the date of the post below this one, it’s been several years since I posted to this blog. It started life as a blog about learning to use plain text to keep information and data. The … Continue reading

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Is There Really Such a Thing as Plain Text?

This article says no, plain text is a lie. I don’t see it that way. The article is really talking about making sure you have your encoding correct and it does a great job of explaining why. To me, however, … Continue reading

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130 Pages??!!

I have a post about Markdown. It’s about 15 or 20 screens of information with a comfortable layout with lots of whitespace. I thought it was a relatively complete description of Markdown. Now I find a McSparky book on Markdown … Continue reading

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Tools Reviews at ProfHacker

Not entirely about plain text, but one of the writers at ProfHacker put together a summary of their reviews and comments about tools they use. Here is the lead: Here’s a collection of posts from the archives that focus on … Continue reading

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